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20 Group Application

Welcome to the Open 20 Group, where the door is wide open for any marine dealer eager to elevate their performance and achieve unparalleled success in the industry. Our 20 Group is a dynamic community that welcomes dealers of all sizes and specialties, offering a platform for collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.

What is a 20 Group?

A 20 Group is comprised of non-competing dealer principals who meet together three times a year for 2 1/2 days. The purpose of the meetings is to improve the professionalism and profitability of each dealership.

  • Learn how other succesful dealers run their businesses

  • Recieve group input to help identify and solve problems

  • Choose a manufacturer-endorsed "branded" group or an "open" group, which represents a mix of brands

  • Your financial information will be gathered monthly and you will recieve:

    • A thorough understanding of your own financial picture by comparing your financials to other successful dealerships

    • Monthly 20 Group Report

    • Access to our new Power BI Dashboard & mobile app

    • Access to other crucial management reports

  • All members agree to confidentiality of information

The meeting location rotates among group members. The host dealer receives the benefit of a group site visit and critique.


  • $725 per month billed quaterly in advance

    • Includes new Power BI Dashboard monthly subscription & mobile app

    • $699/month with payment by ACH or check

  • One time set-up fee of $750

  • Plus expenses and prorated share of meeting expenses

Apply for a 20 Group

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